Hi there, my name is Becs.  And I am totally addicted to travel, exploring this beautiful place we call earth and the ability to capture all of it to tell a story.  I believe variety is the spice of life - finding hidden gems, hiking mountains for days on end, or diving remote locations to find underwater treasures.

My personal love story began in the digital world, where I met my adventure buddy that I now call my husband.   His name is Daniel and you may meet him at a shoot as he assists me with gear or second shooting.  This works perfectly with weddings and our love for travel because we are pretty much happy to go anywhere.  We camp in tents somewhere in the bush, and I jump at the opportunity to explore a new area.  So if your planning a wedding or elopement don't hesitate to get in touch if your not I'm my local area.  

My hubby is a  very talented bloke, he is the craftsman behind my unique wooden display boxes.

Please note: Without Words Photography by Becs has rebranded to Rebecca Halley Photography