Your Wedding has past and so has many years and the memories may have faded, but once you reach for your gorgeous and timeless wedding album and start turning each beautifully designed and printed page.  The memories, the emotions and all that love comes flooding back to you.  Its as if you where falling in love again.

In a world that is primarily digital, the true magic of photo's can sometimes be lost.  images from your wedding day are just too beautiful to simply sit in a digital void, and be viewed only when Facebook tells you , it's been a year since you posted these....

My album package comes standard with a 12" x 12" Square Fine Art album including 30 spreads as standard.  the album comes with a linen cover in varying colours as well as embossed text on the front cover.  Each album is printed on museum quality, fine art paper using archival inks.  This means your album will last a very long time, so your children's children will be able to enjoy your album equally as you did.

I design each album meticulously, telling each and every story in it's own unique ways, as it it happened on the day.  With each album being as unique as the lovebirds inside.

it brings me great pleasure and excitement to tell each individual story as it unfolds.  You go to so much effort creating the perfect day, ensuring each and every detail is exactly how you imagined, so don't stop there.... These albums are ridiculously good looking.



Hand Crafted Hardwood box


each album purchased comes with a bespoke hand crafted hardwood box.  Your priceless album needs protecting, but the box itself is a piece of artwork on it's own.  The way they look, feel, the beautiful depth of grain and even the way they smell, is unique here to Rebecca Halley Photo.